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A standard registry cleanning tool at your disposal
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Constantly cleaning your registry files is an efficient way of keeping your computer in top shape. Windows Registry Repair Pro is a tool designed to help you with this task.
Windows Registry Repair Pro is a pretty standard application that scans your registry for errors, and then assists you in fixing them. This program allows you to select the registry sections that it should scan, and enables you to create exclusion lists, so that you don’t need to waste time with useless scans.

A big advantage of Windows Registry Repair Pro is its scheduling function, which enables you to program reoccurring scans. This is really useful as it allows the program to perform system maintenance tasks even when you are not working on the computer.

Another advantage is that Windows Registry Repair Pro creates registry restore points, before actually fixing your errors. Although this is a pretty common function it’s still important as it can prevent data loss caused by any type of malfunctions.

Windows Registry Repair Pro also has several disadvantages that cannot be overlooked. Besides having a rather slow scanning process, another drawback comes from the lack of optimization tools, which you would not expect from this type of applications. Furthermore, a thing which I really disliked is that the program automatically installed two other applications during its setup process without even confirming it with me first.

In conclusion, Windows Registry Repair Pro is not an application that I recommend. The drawbacks of the program and its lack in functionality make me think that you can easily find better solutions for your registry cleaning needs.

Sean O'Reilly
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Review summary


  • The program backs up your registry files before starting to fix the errors
  • It lets you create exclusion lists
  • The application allows you to customize the scanning areas
  • It enables you to schedule scans


  • It installs two other applications along with the main program without even confirming it with you
  • Scanning can take a really long time
  • Doesn't offer enough optimization functions
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